About us


Who are we?

9jafarm is the ecommerce arm of 9jafarmpreneurs

At 9jafarm, we are focused on globally bridging the gap between, farmers, the market and consumers.

This platform was born out of the passion to ease the stress of accessing agricultural produce/product and services, improve the nation’s food security by making these items available at extremely affordable prices.

So, we are here to assist you:

Farmers/Aggregator/Wholesalers to reach out to a larger audience, ease the stress of selling your items while maximizing profit

Consumers to access fresh quality produce and products at extremely affordable price from the comfort of your “keypads”.

Contact info:

Email: info@9jafarm.com


Whatsapp : +2349050972361

Ig/Twitter & Facebook: 9jafarmpreneurs

Suppliers sign up ( please create a link that re-directs them to a sign up sheet).


Product categories

*Meat, Poultry & Seafoods


*Fresh/Frozen Meat

*Fresh/Frozen Poultry

*Fresh/Frozen Seafoods

*Frozen Bacon, Sausages & Cold cuts

*Smoked Poultry, Meat & Seafoods

  • Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts

*Fresh Vegetables

*Fresh Fruits

*Fresh Herbs & Spices

    *Frozen Fruits

*Frozen Vegetables

  • Plantain Roots & Tubers
  • Oils, Seasonings, Spice & Condiments
  • Grains & Pastas
  • Soup Boxes & Salad Bundles
  • Packaged /Processed food items
  • Combo deals
  • Meat Sharing

*Cow Sharing

*Ram Sharing

*Pig Sharing

*Goat Sharing

*Fresh Dressed Chicken

*Fresh dressed Turkey

  • Monthly subscription
  • Love Bags
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